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Meet Richard Wahlgren

Here I am. Vulnarble to the world and at the same time on top of it. Well, at least on top of a mountain I'd say. I am 28 years old and I have always had the feeling that I should work with people in some way. I never knew in what way, until I started to go to therapy for 2,5 years ago. I realised through my therapist that if I can change as a person then I can help others to do the same.

Through that, a journey began, where I started to go to guided meditations and then meditate by my own. I started to explore the spiritual world and took a course in “Spiritual Development” and also in “Healing”. At the same time the universe started to align me with the right people to set my life off in a completely different direction than I could have ever imagined. I began to think about changing my carrier from a sheet metal worker to a spiritual lightworker but were not ready for that yet so I started studying to become a Conversational Therapist instead.


I moved to Denmark last year in March and began to explore my spirituality even more. I found a mentor to help me along my way and took a course in tarot cards and how to read them. The ideas and the planning to have my own company started to develop and in the middle of February 2019 I got laid off from my work and saw that as a big sign from the universe to get my company going.

As a person I am a thinker and very emotional. I would describe myself as a leader and if there is something in life I really want, I sure as hell will make it happen. I have done a lot of wrongs in my life but that has given me the gift of change. Change is not something we should be afraid of. Change is something that we all should embrace! Since staying in the past hasn't gotten anyone anywhere, has it?


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Balance body, mind and soul
Heal sickness
Pain relieve
Stress relieve
Handle sudden
Better focus

My Services

Guided Meditation

An hour meditation a day

keeps the doctor away

Energy Healing

You need to heal yourself

before you can heal others

Intuitive Card Readings

Ask the universe

and you shall answers recieve





+45 4025 3387

Tycho Brahes Alle 37, 2300 Copenhagen S

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