How do I perform Energy Healing?

What is important to remember is that energy healing will just as any other form of treatment give the best results to your health with a regularly visit.

The type of Healing I practise is the “AwareHeart” healing energy and a self combined and self developed type of work. In this healing I have chosen to use the energies from mother earth and the 4 elements and the energies that exist around us and throughout the universe. This is why I call it “Energy Healing”. To read more about Energy klick HERE.

I have been healing clients for 2 years but not as a full time work. I am still learning and practicing my healing gifts and have therfore a low price. I want to help you in the best possible way and by that you will help me become a more experienced and better healer. 

“If our psychic health are good and our energy centers are at balance, our physical body will be able to heal sicknesses and diseases much easier and create a healthy balance in the body.” - Richard Wahlgren

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