Guided Meditation


Meditation is about being in the present moment. All too often are we thinking about tomorrow or yesterday, what to do in hour or something else. This is completely normal though, since that is how our mind is programed to function. But what we need today more than ever is to relax and let go.

We meditate to become more aware of our present. To let go of stress and to handle stressful situations with ease. We learn to not react to unnecessary impulsive feelings and we improve our concentration and can work on tasks longer and more efficiently. As a bonus, a lot of things stops bothering you as a person as well. And suddenly you start see how things are connected to each other.

These are just a few benefits from meditation. We want to inline our mental psyche with our physical body. When those are inline with each other it is much easier to go through with our everyday life. Our brain gets stimulation from everything that's going on around us. It pays attention to so many things that we are not aware of. It is not built for todays society where there are things happening all the time around us. 


Because of this, our stresslevel is very high. It might not be high enough for you to feel stressed out, but it is a much higher dose of stress hormons in our body today than our body was created to have "back in the days". Even when we are relaxing we are usually doing something that stimulates the brain. For example we often pick up our phone and browse throught it to se if we have missed something that has happened or we watch something on the tv.

We need stop for a moment, take a break and just feel our breath. Shift our attention and focus from the outside world to the inside of our bodies. This is what you are doing when you meditate. That is why it is a good solution to a lot of mental problems we have today. First we need to solve the problems on the inside before we take on the problems of the outside.

There are so any different ways to meditate and you will be needing to find one that suits you the best. If you try one form of meditation and you find it not to suit you, I recommend that you try another one. One thing that is important to remember is that you have to let go of all expectations you have about meditation. Whatever you think that meditation is, I promise you that it will be very different.

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