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With tarot cards you ask for guidance and good advices in life. Using tarot cards are a lot about reading symbols and understanding their connection to each other but also to the universe. When working with tarot I do a lot of intuitive work where I work together with the energies from the universe and my guides and angels. Astrology plays a big part in tarot as well, since our horoscope and all the planets in our solar system plays a big part in both our lives and the outcome when reading tarot cards.


Our 7 chakras are represented in the cards and can explain where problems and diseases may be hidden and why they have occured. The tarot deck contains 78 cards, where 22 of them are called trump cards and the remaining 54 are divided into 4 different suits called; Coins, Swords, Cups and Staffs. Within the suits there are Ace to 10 and then Page, Knight, Queen and King. The different suits represents the 4 elements of the earth.


  • Staffs represent Fire - Our inner urge, motivation, self trust, security etc.

  • Cups represent Water -  Emotions, intuition, love, spirituality etc.

  • Swords represents Air - Thoughts and ideas, our mental side, communication, knowledge and science etc.

  • Coins represents Earth - Senses, practical things, fecundity, manifestation etc.


Clients frequently have questions regarding love, money, work, and accomodations. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t ask about other things. You can ask about pretty much anything. When I do tarot, I use different types of setups for different types of questions. But you can use different setups for the same questions.


There’s never any question about doing this the right or the wrong way, as long as the question and intention is clear and that you read the symbols correct, the answer is what the universe wants me to tell the client. The answer that will be given is calculated from what mindset the client has in life at the moment. If the client shift mindset and start living their life in another way, the outcome that the tarot cards predicted will also change due to our free will in this world.


One important thing to remember is that the tarot cards will never tell you everything about something or give you a 100% accurate answer to a question. Tarot readings should be used for advice and guidance - don’t let it rule and destin your life. It will help you to make decisions and make you think over things in life so that you can make the best out of your situation. The cards will never tell you what to do and how to react, but it will try to guide you in the most beneficial way for you in life.

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