Intuitive Card Readings

Intuitive readings are lot about being able to talk to the client about their questions and thoughts. I use the cards as a tool during the session to get more information about the question. I work intuitively and together with the energies from the universe, my guides and angels I will help you out in best possible way. I use different set of cards such as, angel cards, color cards and tarot cards. If you want to read more about Tarot cards klick HERE.

The cards will give you guidance and advice but never will they tell you what to do and how to react. The universe simply want to guide you in the most beneficial way for you in life.

Clients frequently ask questions regarding love, money, work, and accomodations. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t ask about other things. What question are you searching an answer to?

I am still learning and practicing my gift in reading tarot cards and have therfore a low price. I want to help you with your questions and by that you will help me become a more experienced tarot reader. 

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