Energy Healing

What is energy?

Everything that exist submits energy. Humans submit energy, plants submit energy, the earth submit energy,

the universe submit energy, technical things submit energy etc. These energies aren’t things that we can spot with the human eye, but we can measure them with technical instruments and we can feel them with and within our bodies.


Energy vibrates on different frequencies where some are easier for the human body to pick up and react to. If we would break down the human body into molecules and atoms, we would find that we actually are created just by vibrating energy that has been put together into different chemical structures. So molecules and atoms are just vibrating energy on different frequencies.


You may have felt at some point that you were being watched, just to notice that when you turned your head, someone were looking at you? Or you may have noticed at some point that a room has felt very heavy or strange to enter when there has been a bad atmosphere between several people in that room? These are just two examples of different energies that humans can send out but also receive and interpret.


Humans have several energy centers called Chakras placed in our body and above it. We have 7 larger chakras placed along our spine and a few smaller above our head. A simple explanation about our chakras is that they provides our body with energy. They have different colors and task and represents our personal attributes. When our chakras are in balance it is easier to have a balanced physical health as well.

As a human we also have an energy field surrounding our bodies called Aura.

The aura can be described as an onion but with 7 layers. Each layer has a different color, ability and task just like our chakras. Within our aura we have our personality mirrored and it is also where we sense other persons personality. But not only that can we detect with the aura. We can also feel the mood of a person, detect smell and sound etc.

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